Destination Travel

        Group Travel -  Energize employees, engage customers, and inspire sales teams with our incredible travel packages. Our programs are designed to help you exceed your business goals. Participants will have an unforgettable experience that will leave them wanting more.  


         Individual Travel - Individual travel offers flexibility and numerous options. Participants can go where they want and with whom they want! These packages provide great value when paired with the correct strategy in achieving your organization’s objectives.



Sporting Events

PowerPlay offers custom travel accommodations to the World's most exclusive and desired sporting events. We work with you to build the ultimate sports experience for your employees and customers!


Our sporting events generate excitement, enthuse individuals, and leave a long-lasting impression. The events motivate employees, expand client relationships, and improve business in an exciting setting. Choose from countless events including, the Super Bowl, NCAA Championship, Final Four, Kentucky Derby, The Masters, and NASCAR events.

Our team has the utmost experience in creating and understanding every component that goes into planning an event with flawless execution. Let us take care of all logistical aspects while providing exceptional customer service and a memorable experience to all attendees.



Merchandise Rewards

Recognize your employees with an extensive selection of merchandise from top-brand name manufactures to continue your company’s momentum and keep productivity soaring. Satisfy and encourage phenomenal work from every employee by offering many choices to reward their performance. Our merchandise rewards have a high trophy-value, bring recognition to the recipient, and possess a long-term effect that results in increased engagement in an organization’s goals.