In recent years, merchandise awards programs have become increasingly popular, because of their ability to attract a wide-scale audience.

A merchandise award program allows earning at lower tiers but while still keeping participants engaged and striving to reach the next award plateau.


Merchandise point reward programs offer high impact incentives and long lasting value. It builds in budget flexibility for corporations whose objectives do not justify large travel programs. Merchandise, as such, serves as a constant reminder to an employee of the company’s appreciation and their personal exemplary performance.


We have various offerings to choose from for a number of different rewards program strategies which contain items in a variety of price ranges. Participants are awarded points for their performance. As their points accumulate, they can redeem them for items they desire. Or you can set a performance level and award certificates for items in a certain price category depending on your preference.



  •    Gift and debit cards

  •    Certificates for dining, retail, and travel

  •    High-end luxury electronics

  •    Home furnishings

  •    Accessories

  •     Employee appreciation gifts