Sales and distribution programs are growing in importance as companies face the challenges posed by an increasingly competitive and fast-moving market. Our value-based incentive programs help our clients  increase their sales,  achieve channel goals and overall  business objectives.


Building strong relationships with internal, distributor and retail partners and the ability to provide ample product assortment  is essential in order to advance and thrive in your industry. 


Incentives create the inspiration to win at retail and foster pride in exceeding sales goals. Rewards positively influence  a representative's motivation and energy to sell. There’s a positive effect on effort, which brings positive effects on results. Personalized goals can drive an individual because they appreciate being recognized when they’ve accomplished their assigned objectives.


A mix of travel, sporting events, entertainment and merchandise is  the most successful, depending on the objectives, emotional attachment, and flexibility.


Incentives themselves won’t maximize the probability of success. The representatives need to be viewed as a central element.  The incentive program needs to be created with the knowledge of  the participants wants needs and desires.  How will you enable that, and how will the company will benefit from it?  Each sales force and distribution channel is different, so we offer a variety of incentives to incorporate into your program that will best fit your needs and enhance your performance-driven culture:



  • Travel incentives – Group and Individual

  • Sporting Events – Spectator and Experiential

  • Merchandise incentives

  • Incentive gift cards for dining, retail, travel

  • Recognition awards and events

  • Dealer Loader IncentivesPrint and electronic

  • Database analytics

  • Mobile engagement